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Bingo Bunnies!!!
Owner and Roomies!
Bingo Fever Pics and links!


The Original Bingo Fever
Owned by Ashlin

Owned by A Dazz!

Bingo is taking over Alphaville!!!!

Alphaville's newest hot spot, "BINGO FEVER" has become the latest craze! and now we have BINGO FEVER TWO! Bingo was originally brought to Alphaville about a month ago, when I first tried it at my casino. I started with a 6 card game and it just grew from there. It was such a hit that I decided to open a house that offered nothing but Bingo! Since then, we have had a HUGE response to Bingo and its not often that our house isnt full! It's a great new game for AV, full of creativity and competition!

You can always expect a good time at Bingo Fever!

Bingo Fever offers 18 color coded roomes for your choice! Each room has matching chairs and decor, for a maximum room score! It's easy to play once you get the hang of's how it works...

First you pick a room and place your bet in the jar provided. Bets are a minimum of 1000$ and a maximum of 5000$.

Next you use the cabinet in each room and select a game piece from it. Use this game piece to cover your center free spot.

Once the game begins, one of the roomies will go around and add the total of all bets in the jars. This total is calculated and 10% of it is subtracted and goes to the house. The rest is what the winner recieves!

After the totals are tallied, a roomie will begin calling out floor tiles from their deck of cards in the call area. As they call them out, you get game pieces from your cabinet and cover them as they are called, on your game card in your room.

The first to get a line across, down or diagonal wins!

Be sure to yell....BINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pure Silliness at BINGO FEVER!